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Рейтинг надежности онлайн казино за 2020 год:
  • СОЛ Казино
    СОЛ Казино

    1 место в рейтинге! Моментальные выплаты!

  • ФРЭШ Казино
    ФРЭШ Казино

    Приветственный бонус 20 000 руб! Быстрые выводы!

Live Casino from NetEnt

NetEnt’s live casino games are the best in the industry. Here you will find a collection of our games. Pick one of our recommended live casinos and play for real money.

Blitz Blackjack Silver

Classic Roulette Silver

Branded Casino Classic Roulette Live

Branded Casino Perfect Blackjack

Branded Casino Blitz Blackjack

Auto Roulette Studio

VIP Roulette Live

Perfect Blackjack

Classic Roulette Live

BLITZ Blackjack

Discover the Power of NetEnt Live Casino

Live dealer casino games offer some of the latest and most advanced gaming features. It’s all geared towards offering more realistic features with actual dealers appearing on your screen to present the games. Of course, this might be where it started, but modern technology allows top-rated game providers to include a whole new experience, one that takes reality to a whole new level!

Even more great casino bonuses

Casino Gods



Mr Play

King Billy


Fortune Legends

It’s no longer just about creating the most realistic experience, but rather we aim to take players on an adventure with more opportunities, bet options and game themes. The best online live casino providers aim to offer games that you’ve never seen before. This is what we do with our online slots.

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Quick FAQ for playing at a Live Casino

A live casino is an online webcast / stream hosted by a live dealer where you can bet in real time on casino games such as blackjack and roulette.

We currently have around 8 live casino games to play.

NetEnt Innovation Meets Live Casino Games

Though multiple companies provide live dealer games, we see many who don’t meet the standards and fail to provide the best opportunities available. So we aim to reveal the advantages you get by choosing NetEnt and our excellent selection of live dealer casino games. We invite you to discover what makes an award-winning developer and find out how impressive online gaming can be with the right software provider at your fingertips.

About this Guide

In this guide, we walk through the selection of games and what makes them unique. We don’t just look at the amazing HD video feed and mobile gaming, but also the betting options and how it all works. So if you’re a fan of table games or the idea of playing with real dealers from anywhere, this is the ultimate live casino guide for you!

Why Choose Our Live Games

Live casino games from NetEnt are some of the highest quality available and have won multiple awards. Just the fact that we have awards tells us more than enough about the quality of our games, especially since there’s so much competition in this category.

NetEnt formed part of the online casino industry in 1996, becoming one of the first online game developers to get our software live at online casinos. Today, more than 23 years later, we remain among the best gaming developers in the world, continuously pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation.

Not only are we an award-winning developer for live casino games, but also in various other aspects of online casino gaming. In fact, we’ve won more than 20 awards in less than 10 years, including our 2020 and 2020 additions:

Рейтинг казино на русском языке:
  • СОЛ Казино
    СОЛ Казино

    1 место в рейтинге! Моментальные выплаты!

  • ФРЭШ Казино
    ФРЭШ Казино

    Приветственный бонус 20 000 руб! Быстрые выводы!

  • 2020 – SEG Awards Best Live Casino Provider
  • 2020 – EGR North American Platform of the Year
  • 2020 – iGA Mobile Product of the Year
  • 2020 – GGA Product of the year (Jumanji)
  • 2020 – EGR (Nordic) Casino Platform Supplier of the Year
  • 2020 – EGR (Italy) Software Supplier of the Year
  • 2020 – EGR (Italy) Casino Content Supplier of the Year
  • 2020 – EGR Innovation in Mobile
  • 2020 – GGA Online Casino Supplier of the Year
  • 2020 – EGR (Nordic) Casino Platform Supplier

The success of our team shines through each and every creation, helping us win awards for the most innovative and advanced gaming software. Even with this success, we aim to discover even more gaming enhancements in years to come.

What Makes Our Live Games Unique

The live dealer casino section of any NetEnt casino tends to be one of the most popular sections after slots. This is because the developer constantly finds new ways to introduce the latest in gaming features while further enhancing the opportunities already part of the game. Now, in 2020, we offer a series of games with excellent features, including:

  • Better Video Quality (1080p)
  • Multiple Camera Angles (Live Roulette)
  • Additional Live Dealer Game Features
  • Faster Game Rounds
  • Higher Table Limits
  • In-Game Chat Features

Live Casino Blackjack

As you’ll find on the casino live Blackjack page, NetEnt presents a great selection of wager options with our live dealer games. NetEnt features an HD view of the table and dealer in a single slot while making the game of live Blackjack clear and straightforward.

The instant play live Blackjack game on PC includes a large selection of special features and easy-to-use options. Once the game loads, you’ll be able to access the betting interface with various casino chip values to choose from. It also includes various game stats that you can add or remove with the click of a button. The neat and simplistic layout certainly makes it easy to find all the options you require.

Live Blackjack on Mobile

Our advanced more live casino makes it easy for everyone to get in on the action while on the move. Whether you’re new to mobile gaming or an expert, our live games offer the best, no matter how you connect! Account balances and total betting values appear in the top right-hand corner, followed by the option to enter full-screen mode for an even better experience on mobile. In the middle of the screen towards the left, you’ll see the hit and double up option along with the stand and split options on the opposite side.

Even on smaller smartphone displays, our mobile interface provides an easy to use layout with a clear view of every move the dealer makes. You can see exactly what happens and the details are easy to find, thanks to special highlights (such as your current hand) which appear at the top. There’s also the popular chat option at the bottom right-hand corner along with volumes options in the bottom left-hand corner.

Live Casino Roulette

Live dealer casino Roulette is a rather interesting one for the live dealer fans. It includes multiple camera angles to capture all the details of the game, adding a rather impressive action-packed experience. The camera angles allow you to see the betting table while the other shows a close-up of the Roulette wheel as the ball comes to a stop to reveal the winning number. NetEnt provides standard betting rules based on European Roulette, which features a single zero and the higher return to player of 97.30%.

Simple and Filled with Features

The NetEnt live Roulette experience presents an excellent variety of features without ever going over the top and adding things most won’t use. Instead, the game features a straightforward European Roulette platform and includes standard options such as the racetrack betting option. It also offers small special features such as betting details and winning information when hovering over any of the bet options where you’d usually place your chips.

Adding Game Stats with Ease

When it comes to specific stats and details, you can count on NetEnt live Roulette. The game provides the ability to see the hot and cold numbers at the touch of a button, which offers a game history as well. The live Roulette counter appears above the betting table, keeping you updated as the next round gets close.

Quick Options to Keep you in the Game!

Finally, while playing live Roulette, you’ll find the game has a few special buttons you might not have seen in other games, including the x2 and the star. The x2 is rather straightforward as it provides double the betting value. Therefore, those who use strategies can hit the re-bet option and then the x2 to double the total bet for the next round.

The star is a great addition for any player as it remembers you special betting patterns. NetEnt knows how annoying it is to keep placing the same bet over and over, especially for those who cover multiple positions in every round. Simply load them to the star (favorites) and click on it to access your betting patterns. It even remembers them all so you can keep playing next time you return.

Live Roulette on Mobile

As with live dealer casino Blackjack, the mobile interface for live mobile Roulette offers an easy to use interface. It includes the same camera angles as the instant play variation but offers more graphics and features to point out the winning numbers, the betting window and more. For example, when the ball lands on a number, a large popup appears with the winning details in addition to the camera angle.

Simple Mobile Layout

While placing a bet, players can use all the same options and features. At the top, the betting window counts down with a green bar, followed by the game history just below. The full table makes it easy to place specific bets as the options are larger, not too close together and straightforward.

It’s possible to use the popular NetEnt Live Roulette options, including favorites in the right-hand corner and the double up option in the far left-hand corner.

Live Blitz Blackjack

Live Blitz Blackjack is one of the most interesting variations of online Blackjack. The innovative casino live game makes it possible for multiple players to wager on a single hand and “vote” and a group on the next move. Therefore, it caters to many players at the same time while also offering a great selection of features.

Advanced Blackjack Made Easy

To play live casino Blitz Blackjack, you don’t need to know much about the game. In fact, is a great choice for both professionals and beginners as you can see the options selected by other players. For example, if a round only includes hit or stand options, you’ll be able to see the percentages of players selecting stand and how many choose hit. Based on this, you can either follow the majority vote of the table or go against it. Of course, the game also includes other standard Blackjack options and follows the standard rules, making it a great opportunity for live Blackjack with the addition of more features.

Play and Bet your Own Way

The game doesn’t include any side bets, but rather bonuses on the game itself. With each round, you have the choice of various chip values, which isn’t affected by other players at the table. It’s also possible to use re-bet options and even double up for those using popular strategies.

Blitz Blackjack offers the same game quality as our other games. Therefore, an HD video feed appears on your screen with a single view camera. The view includes the dealer and table where you can place bets and see the cards. It also offers visual effects present each hand and the betting options on offer.

Blitz Blackjack on Mobile

As with all the NetEnt live dealer games, you have the option to use your mobile device and access the game. To play live casino mobile games, you don’t need to download any apps or software. Instead, log into a recommended NetEnt casino and head over to the game selection.

Easy to Use Mobile

The interface for Blitz Blackjack changes a bit when switching from PC to mobile gaming. However, the game itself is exactly the same and includes the same view where you can see both the dealer and table. The difference comes in with the betting interface and game options as NetEnt presents the best possible view for your experience.

Innovative Mobile Blackjack Features

The betting values still appear at the bottom, but the game options now show up on the left and right of the screen. This makes it much easier to access the game features for quick bet changes, hitting, standing and everything else you’d possibly want to do. At the end of each round, an animation appears to show your winnings along with new betting options. The game offers a countdown line at the top to represent the betting window, during which you can re-bet, double up or choose a new bet.

Finding the Best NetEnt Online Live Casino

To find the best NetEnt online live casino, you need to consider the features you desire as well as the promotions. Luckily, you can always count on excellent game quality and fairness, already making the selection much easier.

We provide only the best NetEnt casinos, offering the highest possible standards for all your gaming needs. Not only do our NetEnt casinos include live casino games, but the entire slot collection and other games as well. These establishments operate under the strictest licenses to ensure you always great the best of everything in security, fairness, responsibility and more.

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Проект, прямо скажем, сомнительный, и это касается многих моментов. Кроме того, он еще и очень молодой, так что о его деятельности в сети найти какую-либо информацию весьма затруднительно. Так что мы никак не можем порекомендовать эту площадку для проведения свободного времени.Читать далее »

ТОП онлайн казино по количеству бонусов и скорости вывода выигрыша:
  • СОЛ Казино
    СОЛ Казино

    1 место в рейтинге! Моментальные выплаты!

  • ФРЭШ Казино
    ФРЭШ Казино

    Приветственный бонус 20 000 руб! Быстрые выводы!

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