Trieu Duong Bay


Summer- the “hottest” time of year, but it also becomes the time of traveling “cool” place. Coming with sea is a way to discard the hot of summer.

Where is Trieu Duong Bay?

Located in Ngu Phung commune, Phu Quy District, Binh Thuan Province, with a coastline of about 2km, Trieu Duong Bay is a place of beautiful beaches with fine white sand and blue and gentle sea. Far way, the ranges of immense green poplars mingle with the sound of waves create murmuring sound, so poetic that captivates many tourists who ever been there. The quiet space, cool and fresh air, together with green coconut trees laden with sweet juicy fruits are the proofs of a beautiful and peaceful image of Phu Quy island district.

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Sunset in the Bay
Sunset in the Bay

The most beautiful time visting in Trieu Duong

The afternoon in Trieu Duong Bay is the most appropriate time for you to immerse in the cool blue waters, the patted waves create exciting and pleasant sense of relaxation. The white sandy beaches are long stretched and sparkling in the gentle sunshine together with the salty taste of ocean make people’s souls more fresh and comfortable, especially when the sun goes down, the image of the fishing village of Phu Quy is outlined in a beautiful picture of the peaceful life here.

Blue sky and sea

Coming to Phu Quy, visitors will discover and experience the peaceful life of the islanders. They will participate with the locals in dropping and pulling up nets to remove the fresh fishes and squids which are still struggling in their hands.

Trieu Duong Bay is also a place for entertainment of the islanders on the holidays, etc. Being a pristine island favored by the nature with cool climate all year-round and beautiful beaches, with the approved local tourism development plan, in the near coming future, Phu Quy island district definitely will be the attractions and resorts of many tourists from afar

For summer coming, let come with this place, we sure that you would have a memorable experience in there. Moreover, we hope you would have a best time with your family and friend.

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